Outdoor Cam NOT detecting or recording motion

Y’all do understand that Wyze only have this community so that they can have customers solve issues for other customers for free, right? They only seem to get involved on rare occasions and only when it suits them. They are not about to admit to all the problems / faults / misrepresentation on a new product that only shipped a week ago.

Well Steve if nothing else, they are consistently inconsistent

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I only have one wyze cam (outdoor) set up.
I can manually take a photo or record but the camera wont do so with motion.
I submitted a tckt today. I see some people mentioning SD cards. I do not have one either in the camera itself or in the wyze base station . Do I need a card? And if so, insert it into the base station?

My outdoor cam works (IOS) but…when I first got it it worked inside and then nada when I took it outside. Might not mean anything but when I moved the cam back inside it made a clicking sound, and reminded me of the green tint issue on another camera I have so I gently turned it, shook it and spun it all around and click sound went away. From that moment on…camera works fine and notifications/tagging works great. Then again maybe its the voodoo powder that I threw at it :upside_down_face:

So then you have an Indoor Cam ( he says jokinly).

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Seth, I would recommend that you buy two of the 32 GB cards put one in the camera and one in the base station but format
Using fat32 format criteria

Well that’s really great and really sad it’s great that it works for you and sad that it appears to be a QA issue

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There’s a post on reddit that notes one guy did not get notifications back until he switched the physical power switch on the cam off then on… mine is mounted too high to try now, Maybe tomorrow

I haven’t even gotten as far as testing notifications (I know they are pretty drastically delayed). I just watch the events page. Are you saying that person didn’t even see recorded events, or just the notifications of the recorded events?

What is the purpose of a card in the camera and or the base station?
I was under the impression inserting a sd card was when used when traveling.
The power cycling sounds like a good idea too as I dont have spare cards here at home.

sd card in camera only records scheduled or time lapse videos. sd card in the base is a backup for 12s cloud stored events if you enable that setting.

@flyingchipmunk Both…

very interesting, thanks for the link. will have to try that myself!

I found a 16gb card and put in the base station. Boy was the bottom of the station was really warm. I bought the cam plus service. I have a ticket in for that also as when I access the services in the App a msg says no camera found!

I did power cycle the camera.

Still no motions recorded.

just cancelled my pre-order for 2 more, too many things not working well enough for my liking. sorry wyze, this was a swing and a miss.

This product was not ready. So many problems with the motion sensor. I am hoping they can push out and fix and it wasn’t a waste of money.

@WyzeGwendolyn I keep getting hung up on trying to initiate a return of my WCO. What are my next steps here?

I hear a loop of “if you would like to get in touch with us quicker, use our live chat at support.wyzecam.com” for 15minutes, then get disconnected.

trail of (unanswered) tickets…


I have a ticket in for two days, and no follow up response.

I turned off my Night Vision IR Lights - total battery suck - I am getting < 10 alerts per day and I am at 92% day #2

What a bust.