Outdoor Cam NOT detecting or recording motion

Yup, even in that location (the base is right next to that window A/C unit) it’s got full strength.

When I played around with it I could only get it to trip if I got within a few feet of it. My motorcycle at night once tripped it from about 10 feet away when I did a Uturn at the end of the driveway. Other than it has fired once when a spider walked over the lens but that’s it.

That’s actually a good point, the PIR probably has a dead spot for straight on. I’ll move it to the side of the driveway and see what happens.

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The part of this story that is the most worrying is the lack of response from Support… You do as they ask, open a ticket, submit it to support and then watch the moss grow.

Marketing is magical in that the timing and props must be timed correctly to extract the desired effect… IMHO, the horse is trotting along behind the cart at Wyze

My thoughts are that the WCO pir sensor is doing it’s job but the software is not processing the information properly

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You can test this with two people. If someone is watching the LED on the back of the camera and the LED doesn’t lightup when someone is moving where you think it should trigger, then the PIR is not waking the camera.

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Here is mine. Kids (and adults) on both those sidewalks all day yesterday and not a peep from the outdoor camera. Just walked out to the check the mailbox. Nope. Also, what is the battery life people are experiencing. I topped off my battery yesterday before installing around noon. It is at 91% right now.

I’ve had no problems- using outdoor cam on iOS. The motion detection is stronger on the lower half of the screen. In this grab, this is the initial view from the 12 sec video, the car entered from the top right, only triggers the capture when almost off screen. The area above the yellow is not very sensitive as per the instructions. It could be the distance or just that the top half of the image sensor not made to detect, idk. I can tilt the camera to align the alley w the lower part of the screen , but already I get 30+ captures a day with this setup

The answer to no responses here from Wyze employees is very simple. By having this “community” at all they are off-loading a lot of their first-level support TO THEIR CUSTOMERS. That’s it - just a cost-transfer mechanism. They could give a rat crap how many times the same questions get asked and answered as long as they aren’t paying some call center drone to do it.

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That’s a pretty close distance to the PIR. For my setup I was expecting at the least the same performance from their sense kit PIR which I easily get 40+ feet detection with. The WOC PIR is greatly disappointing so far for me, and honestly crippling this camera.

Good idea, will totally try this, or just put another camera looking at it’s rump.

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Ok changed a few things and have gotten 2 positive triggers as expected. Mounted it higher looking down as the PIR points down. Put it at a 90 degree angle to area of interest instead of 45.

Also reset the sensitivity sliders to the default 50/50.

That’s the beginning of the video, triggering about 40ft away. Muchhhhhh better.

Hopefully these tips will help others.

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That’s the height of the mounting.

Another weird thing I noticed is I am getting my motion detections and notifications but after dusk, nothing. This camera is crazy buggy.

Trimming some of the plants might help as well!

I might, but am holding off any landscaping until I see reliable patterns out of the OWC.

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hmm, nighttime PIR is not firing, back to the drawing board for placement/settings.

@harner.bill You have to manually adjust the detection zone… and by that I mean the lower 2/3rds of the camera view look to be hardcoded to detect motion… therefore to adjust your detection zone you need to manually re-position your camera.

Just turned off notifications on my V2, turned on notifications on my WOC and walked by it twice. No notification from the WOC.