Outdoor Cam Not Detecting at Night

Is anyone else having issues with the outdoor cam not detecting motion at night? Someone stole property from my front porch in plain view of the camera, but the camera failed to record anything. Night vision is on, motion detection is on, the camera has Cam Plus, and there are no rules that would prevent recording at night.

I reached out to support and they mentioned that the latest update could be to blame, so I am curious if anyone else is having this issue.

No issues for me same !@#$%&* cat every minute or two. WCO with cam plus lite.

Hmmm. I’ve got the pet detection on and we have cats constantly walking around our porch too. The camera rarely records them though, day and night.

It depends which way the cats are moving and how far away from the camera the movement is. The WCO are best a detecting motion that is side to side across the PIR detection area. Movement straight at or away from the cam it is not so good. All my cams are set so movement is across like this screen shot. The red line is where the face of the cam is pointing, the garbage truck is 55 feet away.

Not cats but some raccoons going to work. The face of the cam cam is pointed at the yellow box I inserted. I moved all 4 of my WCO six times before I got them to detect correctly . :rofl: