Outdoor cam no internet coverage for Croquet Lawn

I belong to a Croquet club with a grass lawn. We have a small pavilion area with a roof only.
We are experiencing acts of vandalism/damage to the grass and stolen equipment hence the need for a camera surveillance. But this area is not within reach of wired,or wifi, internet so most likely needs internal memory storage. We do have available access to electrical power in the pavilion roof.
We need coverage for 10+ hours say 9pm to 7am. with video storage of movement events

  1. in the pavilion area where we storge equipment, but is open air apart from the roof.and
  2. at least one camera covering the croquet lawn area.
    I am concerned about battery usage and finite storage of video.
    Can I use the wired (indoor) cam in the roof of the pavilion and the battery unit for the outside area? Or should both be the battery units?
    Thoughts and suggestions appreciated.

The short answer is that you would need a internet connection for either the battery or wired cameras to work properly.

There are possible workarounds that users have have some success with (i’m not sure if they still work). One workaround for the wired cams i’ve read about is if you set up a wired cam to continuously record using a cell phone’s hotspot and power it on, it can continue to record to the SD card so long as it maintains power, even if you shut off the hotspot.

Thanks for the reply.
My needs are quite simple and in reading through the available information I think I might be able to get it to work.
I wondered if anyone else has tried in similar circumstances standalone circumstances?

It appears one can set an outdoor cam to use it’s own timer ergo it remains on standby only for 14 hours a day then reacts to movement and does short recording for the period of say 9:00pm to 7:00am. Such recordings would be kept on the SD card only and rewrite when full.
My need is to view recordings the day after there is night time vandalism to the court. As the court is in use every day we would immediately know if we need to review recordings of the prior 10 hours of darkness.
I would need either

  1. Use standalone powered Cam (V3?) and be to tell it NOT to keep trying to connect to a non existent WiFi service and hold recordings on internal SD Card only.
  2. Use battery powered Outdoor Cam and similarly tell it NOT to try to connect to a non existent internet and prescribe similar timed recording parameters.
    Note I will not need to be able to view live or recorded video via any APP. If we see ANY vandalism we would remove the SC Card and play back via a laptop.