Outdoor Cam Misses Action while switching?

Has anyone else experienced this “switching modes” and missing the action because of it?

Wondering what I have set wrong.

I have critters living under the stoop and have been trying to use my camera to identify what is going on.

While I know the what (more than one animal) it is hard to tell what all is going on based upon this type of recording.

I should have mentioned that this camera has a CAM PLUS subscription…

Looks to me like you have a new Possum friend :grin: :grin: What is switching? I have 4 WCO, night vision is set to Auto and they don’t do that even if I’m recording to the SD in the cam at the same time. I’m using cam plus lite although I did have them on Cam Plus at one time without that issue.???
***Try putting the cam with night vision on, IR lights on, instead of night vision in Auto and see if that makes a difference. Of course it will be black and white in the daytime also.


OK I changed it to Night Vision ON Night Vision IR Lights were already on. I assume the switching is related to Auto Night Vision but am not sure…

This is from another outdoor cam with same settings last night that did not have the issue.

Let see what we get tonight if he comes to visit…

I think it is due to the tight small space and the IR is reflecting back to the cam off of the possum and the structure. I have possums visit almost every night unless they’re on vacation. If they walk up and stick their nose right in front of the cam it will white it out until they back up a bit but my cams are in open spaces.You can find all kinds of bird, wildlife and critter events posted here.

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