Outdoor cam keeps losing connection

I am having the same issue every day or two with the base station losing connection to the outdoor cam. The light keeps blinking blue. I unplug it plug it back in and it comes back up. Hours to a day later it loses connection again. I have the most current version. Any one else have this issue it makes me want to return it.


I am having this same exact issue with my base station. Unplugging and plugging back in fixes it and brings up my connection with my outdoor cam. After a couple hours they drop connection again

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So I have had it up for a day and a half and it hasnt gone out. I have it setup on my PC tower that has a fan blowing on it. Which might be the case cause every time I went to unplug it, it would be hot. Hopefully it works from here on out. But that sucks if you can’t put it somewhere cool. Like a desk which is where I had it. Guess it needs constant cool air.