Outdoor Cam Installed Using Hotspot

Finally got our first one installed at our local rural marina to watch over two of our boats. No internet there, but a good cell signal.

First, we DO have power on our houseboat. Using a hotspot and an inexpensive TP-Link extender with an Ethernet port, it is DONE! Also had to use my cell phone and the TP Link Tether app to initially get it all together. ACES and easy.

First day, hubby had an extension cord run from an external outlet on the houseboat to the battery charger on the deck boat…water went down overnight, power cord came undone and fell in the water, tripping the main breaker on the houseboat. :joy: After I was done rolling my eyes, I took the cord away, handed him a longer one, and reminded him that slip had its own power. He’s a treasure.

So when YOUR module goes down, make sure your hotspot is sending a signal. Then simply unplug the power cord to the module for a few seconds and plug it back in. Within five minutes, you are back in business, without the necessity of resyncing.

Love our eyes at the lake! Once Wyze had the extension cameras, we will cover both of the main walkways on the dock.

Also, we put SD cards in both the camera AND module. Better to have both!



Thank you for the post. Do you have a TP-Link you would recommend. We have a hotspot in our cattle caving barn and want to connect the wyze outdoor cams to it, like you did for your dock.