Outdoor cam doesn't work

This camera does not hold a charge as stated it’s gone down 20% in the last 5 days after having customer service optimize the settings obviously they don’t know what they’re doing it’s hard to get them on the phone or stay on the phone or complete an actual phone call with them without either getting hung up on or or you call back and they didn’t know that you already talked to them because they didn’t log the call And you have to start all over now I’m outside of my return policy and they’re saying they might not be able to give me a refund. Worst customer service for a company that just started a couple years ago don’t you think you would want to make your customers as happy as you can during your startup we’ll never buy another product and will always give horrible reviews to anybody inquiring about this product

Welcome to the forums! What firmware version is on the camera and what firmware version is on the base? There have been documented concerns about battery drain in numerous posts recently, and the latest firmware release was put on hold due to issues installing it and battery issues I believe. How are you using the camera? Live view? How many events a day, etc? When did you connect Support last? Did any of the interactions with them produce a ticket number? Are there still questions that you are looking for answers for from them?

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I get maybe 2-3 events a day. It’s isolated to our driveway only not the road, firm are was checked by support team multiple times that l called and said it should be good to go. I have called numerous times and got the week this is all we can do.

Yes l got a ticket number this time, last time l called l didn’t know l needed the ticket number to make sure they did their job but l got one this time

Can you post a screen shot of the battery usage monitor graph from the settings?

They don’t need it to do their job as you should get one at the end of an interaction with them, it’s just that if you call and refer to a previous interaction, having the previous ticket or log number available to give will link the calls and they can see what you previously provided and called about.

Sorry your having issues, hopefully this drain can get fixed.

I shouldn’t have to Ask for a ticket number, they should just do their job. I just reset the camera but when l get a chance l will do that for the past couple days that l have

It goes off the last full charge time. I don’t know if a reset will effect it. If it’s been awhile since the last full charge, and you just reset it, and the monitor graph says “last charge -short time ago” or something to that effect, then we’ll know that the reset affects the graph stats.

I would show you but it’s not connecting again so it just says 1 min and updated today with a full charge but the % in the camera view says 32%, at around 11am it say 35% and last Thursday it said 55%.