Outdoor Cam Detection & Battery Life

I see two issues since receiving my Outdoor cam and I’m hoping I can get for (I’ve already submitted a support ticket, as I see lots of other people with similar issues)

  1. Detection - detects at most 50% of the time during the day and 0% at night. I have the camera set at 100% and it’s not working, what’s the solution?

  2. Battery life. The camera is showing 26% on the app when the camera says it’s fully charged I’m now getting a “low battery life” signal at 18% after 1 week of use.

Your assistance and insight would be appreciated.

  1. What is in not detecting, small animals, people, larger objects?

Minimal to zero detection of motion either. Have adjusted the settings and location to no avail. WOC is useless to me. Sorry I jumped on board. I have two other people waiting for my recommendation until they order. My recommendation at this point is to look elsewhere.

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Anything. It’s hit and miss in even detecting movement from people.

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Ok. Checking to see if motion I’m expecting may be during the camera ‘cool-down’ period. Will follow up.

I’m experiencing the similar issues with Detection. I’ve played with distance/sensitivity and ended up with several recordings of cars as they drive by but when it comes to detecting a person the detection is very delayed. Notifications are very slow, but it looks like mostly all users are experiencing the same thing.

Battery seems 'ok" after one week os use it’s at 88%. (wife likes to go to live view often)

Have three more cameras coming in October, but seriously considering cancelling order . until they address performance issues.

I have two more camera on order and I’m considering the same thing. I"m really not impressed with the performance of this camera.

I know it was beta tested, but I’m seeing that it wasn’t tested well, as this feels very much like a public beta test, as there are too many issues right now.

So the camera LED light is solid red when charging and the app shows 26% ? Pls request our support team for a replacement, sorry about the issue

Yes. The camera shows solid red. The App shows 26% I put a ticket in, but have not yet had a response.