Outdoor Cam confusion

I just got my Wyze Cam Outdoor and it’s on Cam Plus. We have a very specific bird hanging out at our window occasionally and, since putting the camera out, I caught a 7 second clip.
This morning I awoke to a phone notification saying a complete recording was captured but when I went to the app there was no recording.
Where is it?
I’m also confused by the base station microSD slot. Will that record any outdoor cams connected to it or would I still have to put a microSD card into individual cameras?

Open the app, go to the events icon on the bottom and tap it, make sure you are on the right date. As for the video going to the base station SD, that will not work if the Camera is using Cam Plus.


And, just like that, you’ve answered my question. It was showing me the day before. Thanks for your help.

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