Outdoor Cam Big Disappointment

You’re ignoring the fact that many of us Smart Home adopters already have 15-20 or so things that need periodic battery maintenance, and we don’t need one more!
I have 7 remote temperature sensors, three wireless lighting controllers, several clocks, three water detectors, and myriad handheld remote controls.


I am busier than a one legged butt kicker on the days we change to or from DST. That’s when I go around and change most batteries.

Contact Sensors
Motion Sensors
Smoke Detectors
CO2 Detectors
Alarm Backups
Weather Stations
Weather Sensors


Nice, but outdoor cameras aren’t on there, hopefully soon.

BTW, my shop is 100 feet from my house, what is the max range for the base station?

300’ best case, no obstructions.
100’ should be fine.


Exactly , plus trying to replace all things outside that need batteries this year with solar and all IOT devices with FOG mesh network devices for better security. We canot alway count on our internet connection or power. so want systems to work off of slar pannels and home security to not relay on internet or electrict from the grid. we have multple backhauls to intetnet over DTN protocal with LORA and even cell sometines. but nothing needs real time internet will process all locally so latency is no longer an issue. will use our own FOG AI for computer vision with Yolo etc.


Adding my whine to the list of the disappointed. The compromises to support a 5200 mAh battery (2x2600??) are too many for me. (no wifi, no continuous recording, etc…). I have great wifi (unifi mesh) coverage outside, but really no convenient place to position the Wyze outdoor hub)

Nevertheless, it’s time to move forward.

Thanks to @angus.black for the “deep cycle battery” and voltage regulator suggestion, My first pass for positioning and “signal quality range checking” was to attach a WyzeCam V2 to a Ankar PowerCore 20100. I’ll do some battery drain tests and likely get a 12Ah UPS battery and a birdhouse cover (per @tomdadian 's suggestion)

[Edit: Wyze Cam V2 recorded for 32 hours continuously attached to a freshly charged Ankar 20100 mAh PowerCore]

@sodcam mentioned TinyCam. In my opinion the best single UI for camera aggregation. @alexey.vasilyev was extremely responsive when he added support for the Wyze move to TOPT 2FA (He had a beta within a week and released code within a month)

I’m also investigating Yi Outdoor plug-in wifi cameras + the Yi-hack. If anyone has experience with these cameras, it may be time for a new thread. Note: the Yi-Hack firmware is supported by the TinyCam viewer.

I’ll find another solution for “Outdoor WyzeCam V2” (aka outdoor, plug-in wifi camera). My prior disappoint remains: No presets on WyzeCam Pan. (A feature request since December 2018) Please provide your upvote. I believe that fixing this would be a weekend project for one of the Wyze Software Engineers.


https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07L57GCYY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apap_vELopwhZGSp4I This seems to work well for me.

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That’s a bit sweeping of a claim, isn’t it? There are in fact many battery powered devices that are meant for exactly this.:
Your smoke alarms, UPSes, ventilators, some USB charger packs, laptops and phones.
This isn’t the 1980’s any more, and NiCads are no longer the rage they once were.

It’s not inherently bad to keep something plugged in al the time just because it has a battery. And in some cases it’s handy. If you might need it to work when the power is out.

I have some wyze cams set up to video record injuries in an electrical room. When someone has an accident, it very likely will cut power to the area, so the wyzecam needs a battery to keep recording.

If your security threat model includes the bad guy being able to cut power to the house before committing a crime that might matter too. And with the 2020 electrical code requiring a readily accessible external shutoff handle outside every dwelling, that’s quite easy for a bad guy to do.

That said. Any camera you don’t plan on physically relocating often, ought to have a power cable going to it. It’s just stupid to require people to physically touch their cameras over and over forever as is the case with any battery-only device. It is disrespectful to the end user by wasting their time.

I won’t be buying outdoor cam because I can only think of a couple very edge cases where I might need a temporary camera in some location.

They might make an OK wildlife cam maybe, where I’m hundreds of meters from an outlet. Or on someone else’ property where I don’t want to be responsible for installing electrical service. Very edge case.

I’m a little disappointed this was their announcement after as much hype as I felt from the leadup. I was hoping for the damn doorbell. My Ring hasn’t worked right for months. Or maybe a ‘we finally fixed all of our bugs’ announcement. But I guess I’ll keep dreaming.

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Well now you’re changing the dynamics of the situation on which I commented. No one said anything about needing a 20-foot extension ladder to access a camera, let alone about having installed a dedicated AC plug specifically for the camera. That’s a whole different premise.

As for whether the choice of couriers is “niggling,” waiting 3 days vs. waiting 20 days for delivery of security equipment doesn’t strike me as “niggling.” But to each his own.

Actually the devices you are referring to are not battery powered. The are powered by mains power with battery backups.

Such devices only use the batteries in the absence of mains power. The batteries are not the primary source of power.

Devices setup to use their batteries as the primary source of power utilize a very different charging design. The difference is why you should not leave such devices plugged into mains power.

I’m not ignoring it, because that was not part of the original post on which I commented. The original post mentioned “3 cams”. That complaint is completely different from a complaint about having 15-20 different things needing periodic battery maintenance.

I donno there bub. You’re stretching really pretty thin.

I know for a fact that my UPSes will not start, at all, without batteries installed. UPSes are near universally battery powered. And if you think laptops and phones are ‘mains powered with battery backups’, I want some of what you’re smoking. It must be good.


Ok again, apples and oranges. A true UPS is constantly supplying power by design from the batteries. Again, they have a specially designed circuit to recharge the batteries from the mains via a trickle charge. They therefor can’t and won’t run without batteries.

This is NOT what happens when you plug your cell phone, tablet, or the Wyze outdoor camera in.

Now that Wyze is getting all this feedback on their Outdoor cam, shouldn’t they now just add the weatherproofing to new versions of the WyzeCam and PanCam and sell them as additional models? Clearly there is enough demand that prompted them to develop the Outdoor model, so…

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They got the branding wrong. It’s not an outdoor cam. (It’s a portable waterproof cam) Great if that’s what you’re looking for. But they knew customers were already using the indoor cam outdoors, and rather than addressing the outdoor related deficiencies with it, they made something altogether new. wah wahhhhh.

Of all the complaints I’ve had about using indoor cams outdoors, “It doesn’t have a battery” isn’t one of them. I have basically no problem at all plugging in my cams for power.

And I have one HUGE problem with PIR motion detection. That’s what my RING doorbell has and it false alarms like crazy because of it.

I also have a HUGE problem with cameras that are on standby until after a PIR event. BY DEFINITION the video will always start late. Great for checking out the sexy calves and glutes on the UPS delivery man. Not so much for catching a package thief. All you will get is a video of the package not being there.

PIR motion sucks, and should only be uses IN COMBINATION WITH frame analysis motion detection.

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PIR sucks because:
it can’t really support motion zones or ignoring a selected area of the scene
large fluctuations in overall light (passig clouds) can set it off
large vehicles set it off at a great distance (trash trucks, ups)
delay in video actication. NO pre-record!

Video motion sucks and PIR has a benefit with:
blowing leaves/trash
moving shadows and moving light on the ground
snow and bugs
But AI can fix all of the things that video mothion detection sucks with.

Dearest Wyze:
Give me a cam with both. Make millions of them and sell them cheap. Use crowdsourced feedback on what the motion depicts to teach your AI how to effectively use both sensors to optimize detection of relevant events. Power it via AC. And make your money selling that AI, or a retarded version of it, to Nest/Ring/Arlo. Wyze’ always being better!

Forget the battery powered cam idea. I don’t want to have to buy new batteries every year either. That’s stupid. Maybe resell-rebrand a weatherproof version of RAVPower’s USB UPS battery backs. They’ve got more mah than your little battery ever will. And they will take the heat when the batteries start exploding. You have enough fire guilt on your plate with the SD card debacle.

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“Changing dynamics” or “different premise”, call it what you want but that location is the one that catches anything coming in our driveway and is where I was hoping to put an “outdoor” camera that won’t get 25-50 false notifications per day.

Boy people will find anything to complain about SMH. Keep up the great work Wyze.

“Pro tip” for aiming a remote camera on the first try.
Get out your smart phone and turn on the front facing camera. Then place it flat against the face of the camera you are aiming/positioning. Whatever you can see on the screen, the camera you are trying to adjust likely can too. (If you can get the smart phone lens positioned close to the lens of the camera you are aiming, it’ll provide a more accurate FOV.)

PS. This wasn’t really the device I expected either. I’ve bought one, we’ll use it, but the design is seriously “flawed” on several fronts. It doesn’t seem like it was as well designed or thought out as the previous cameras.

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Have to agree with this, I still ordered one to try it out, but I’ll just keep running wires to my normal cams for the set it and forget it security they offer.

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