Outdoor Cam Battery not staying charged

Two of my four cameras are going to zero battery within 24 hours. All setting are identical on all cameras. Only get a few 7-9 second events on all cameras. Very frustrating. Read a post about possible latestest firmware update and it said I could revert back but I cant figure that out. Anyone have similar battery issues?

Welcome to the forums! Can you post a picture of the battery usage monitor graph from the problem cameras before you charge it if able? So the settings are identical, but what about their uses? Does the area that each monitor have the same amount of traffic? Do you like you any of the cameras anytime? Looks like you have camplus, is that in all cameras? What firmware version is on the camera and the base, and what app version are you using?

And here’s a link to the manual firmware flash process.

@dddjones2 I experienced what you are experiencing while using the version of the Base firmware. My solution was to manually flash the Base to the next version, but they have taken that update offline because so many people were having trouble flashing it.

There was also mention that the newest Outdoor camera firmware has a similar issue, but it was also pulled before I could update my camera. So I have no experience with that one.

So there may be no solution for you ATM, but (Base) / (Camera) combo is working perfectly for me ATM.

I’m having this exact issue. I’m on and Is the assumption that the firmware for the base station is the problem?

It was in my case, and I was using the same exact firmware you are. Since I could no longer make a connection to my Base via WiFi or Ethernet cable, I had to do a manual firmware update of the base to get it on Note that some people reported issues with manually updating the Base, but if you have no WiFi or Ethernet connection, it is your only choice. Here are some of the issues I had with the instructions posted in post #2 above, some of which may have caused failures:

Im using: Base
Cameras (all 4)
Only two cameras are going from 100-0% in less than a day…

All my cameras get very little action…maybe 30 seconds of “event” recordings a day…ALl are on same firmware i listed above but two of them die almost immediately…

Yes, it doesn’t happen to all cameras. What happens is some seem to get stuck in a loop trying to connect, and just sit and drain the battery.

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