Outdoor Cam Base Station EMF Electromagnetic field Radiation Safety close up

The Outdoor Cam and Base Station set off a safety alarm of 16 to 22 ut [micro tesla] up close on a Meterk MK-08 EMF Tester. Does Engineering know about this, and should they list Electro Magnetic Field Radiation on the Specifications of the Outdoor Cam and Base Station.
Is it safe to be in close proximity such as a desktop to body parts such as your head, heart, or genitals.?

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I read that according to the specification in the 1992 ANSI/IEEE standard, 20 cm (almost 8 inches) should be the minimum separation distance where reliable field measurements to determine adherence to MPEs (Maximum permissible exposure) should be made.

I also see that is the distance the field strength was measured for the FCC “RF Exposure” reports for 2ANJHWVODB1 (the base station) and 2ANJHWVOD1 (the Wyze Outdoor Cam).

In those reports, they are allowed a field strength of 1.0 mW/cm2. In the test at 20cm, the base station measured 0.03 mW/cm2, and the Outdoor Camera measured 0.01mW/cm2. They concluded, “Both devices meets FCC MPE at 20 cm distance”.

FCC RF Exposure report for 2ANJHWVODB1 (the WOC Base station).pdf (122.1 KB)

FCC RF Exposure report for 2ANJHWVOD1 (the Wyze Outdoor Cam).pdf (134.0 KB)

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Thanks Newshound for your Exposure Information. First I have seen on the subject.

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