Outdoor Cam Base Station Challenges

Getting a Solid Blue Light
For the average person the base station can be ‘plug & play’. However, more and more home networks are being customized to accommodate devices requiring internet access. In my case, the solid blue light evaded me until I changed a NTP option on my ASUS router.

I suspect that the base station is using NAT because I have received unsubstantiated information that the base station uses a network to communicate with the outdoor camera. Using NAT is not an issue onto itself but I read that one user had a for their home network as well and could not get the solid blue light. My understanding of NAT is that this should not be a problem, even if a camera on the WYZE network had the same IP address as a device on the home network.

2.4 GHz WiFi
My home network setup is such that I have two routers, each with 2.4 and 5 GHz WiFi, and a RaspberryPi (Ethernet connection only) within six feet of each other. All Ethernet connections on my primary router showed 1 Gbps. I plugged the WYZE base station in and got the flashing blue light but all Ethernet connections continued to show 1 Gbps. When I fixed the issue causing the flashing blue light the Ethernet connections to my RaspberryPi and WYZE base station dropped down to 100 Mbps. I suspect the WYZE 2.4 GHz WiFi is creating interference. I have ordered two CAT 7 Ethernet cables to replace current cables and we’ll see.

I have an app on my Mac which finds all the WiFi in close proximity and shows me their channel information. I have chosen channels 3 and 9 for my two routers so that they don’t interfere with each other. The WYZE base station is using channel 11 and doesn’t interfere either.

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CAT 7 cable resolved speed issue with RaspberryPi but base station remains at 100 Mbps

Unless you are really doing some major work you don’t need 1000 Mbps on a device and I am sure as a cost savings Wyze team thought the same way on a mostly unused video connection to keep the cost in check. I wouldn’t worry about that slower connection speed, it is still plenty fast for HD streaming when you are watching the feed.

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