Outdoor cam base station apparently interfering with iPhone, iPad

We have one outdoor cam with base station. They work fine. However, the base station wifi connection appears to be interfering with my wife’s iPhone 6 and iPad Mini 2. When the base station is operating the iPhone drops phone calls, and the iPad wifi connection drops. These problems go away if she turns off the base station. She has one or two calls a day from our daughter in another city so there has been plenty of opportunity to identify the problem.

The base station is 18" away from our TP-Link C7 wifi router in one room, and she uses her devices in an adjoining room, sitting about 25-30 feet from the router and base station–there is always good wifi reception there.

Any ideas on how we might deal with this issue?

iPad clarification: the iPad tends to drop its wifi connection when she is in the living room at the diagonally opposite corner of the house. Reception is weaker there, however the connection stabilizes if she turns off the base station.

Did two things: First, moved the base station 4-5 feet away from the router (longer enet cable). Second, changed the 2.4 ghz channel width from Auto to 20 mhz. This appears to have improved the iPhone and iPad connection stability. Perhaps fixed it entirely, will know better after a few days.