Outdoor Cam and woodpeckers

I was in the early access for the Outdoor Cam. Revived two now have a total of 6. Recently I noticed that two of my OCs (mounted high in trees) started having troubles. On inspection it looks like woodpeckers. The interesting part it they both (2 of them) have damage in the same location. What looks like (if I remember correctly) the IR area.

Has anyone else had issues with this?

Does anyone know if there is a repair out there I might try?



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The IR sensor is "passive* but are the LED lights under that same panel? Perhaps the hammerheads were trying to turn off the annoying lights (or find dinner).

Bummer yet kind of funny. Can you share the videos of the woodpeckers killing your cams? :grin:

Nope, that’s the best part. Both cameras can capture snowflakes but didn’t capture any of this.


LOL, that is indeed the best part. :rofl:

Had the same issue here.![woodpecker attack damage

Will this camera still work?

Here was the red-bellied woodpecker that attacked my outdoor cam. Beautiful bird!


I also have an issue with Woodpeckers it seems.
I do have video of the culprit, but since they all look the same, its not helpful :wink:
It visited the camera weekly, It seemed harmless, until apparently the camera upset him.
It also managed to flip the switch to ‘off’ and while the camera still works, I cannot charge it because it also damaged the charger input.