Outdoor base will not connect to Wifi when using Xfinity Gig router

I have set up a base and 2 cameras without issue using my Fios router with Gig service. I like the cameras so I purchased 2 more for my vacation home. Tried to set the base up using Xfinity router running Gig service. Can’t connect using wifi. Ethernet cable works fine but not wifi. It’s not the base because I brought it home and connected easily to my Fios router.

Base is running update and I did connect using the 2.4g network. The Fios router does not have separate networks for 5 g and 2.4g networks. The Xfinity does and I did try connecting to both networks just to see if that would work.

I am assuming there are settings in the Xfinity router preventing the setup. I have wifi thermostats, garage doors, indoor cameras, smart plugs, etc. that I have set up without any issue. I really do not want to mess with the settings to get the base up and running with that router as the other items are fine.

Any ideas on what I could do to fix the issue? I would like to connect wirelessly so I can move the base to an out of the way area that is midpoint between the 2 cameras. An ethernet connection defeats the purpose and is the main reason why I like the Wyze.