Outdoor base: Can't switch wired to wireless

I’ve got a new Outdoor Base (my first one) and the Cam that I got as a bundle. When wired, the Base responds just fine (have not hooked up the Cam yet). But when I try and switch over to WiFi, it always says the password is wrong. Also, on my iPhone 11, I can’t save the “WiFi Network” setting under “Device Info”. It gives no errors on save, but never saves the info when I go to view it.

I know the password is fine, and yes, I work in DevOps, so I’m sure the WiFi, running 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, is within range (about 10ft), and everything is plugged in :wink: My WiFi is encrypted with WPA2 if that matters. The Base is firmware and my iPhone 11 is on the latest iOS (14.6).

Does anyone have any clues? The unit really needs to run off of WiFi if this device is going to be of use.

TIA for any advice,


Does your 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz have a different SSID and same password, mine do. Your iPhone needs to be connected to the 2.4 network during set up. I also turned of cell data during set up just in case. There is another post on the board someplace that talks about turning off the private network setting on the phone if you are having issues. Open the phone setting>Wi-FI and tap the little blue and white information icon for private address. Have to search the board to find similar post.

Thanks for the ideas. No, the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz have the same SSID and password. However, my phone is likely on the 5Ghz when it sets things up, so I will try shutting off the 5Ghz during setup.

I also read about turning off the “private” MAC address and letting the real one be used. I always have that feature disabled. I’m old school and like normal MAC addresses on my home network.

I’ll report back on the 2.4Ghz idea.



That did it! Everything is working great.

I turned off the 5Ghz on my WiFi, so it only broadcast 2.4Ghz, and it paired the first time.
But, here’s the rub. If I turned 5Ghz back on, it wouldn’t lock into the SSID. So, I created a second SSID that only broadcasts 2.4Ghz, used that for the Base, and it works fine. Now I have two SSIDs in the house, my regular one with both frequencies, and one with just 2.4Ghz for the Wyze base.

Thanks for the help!


Glad it worked. I have a all in one Motorola cable modem with AC1900 router. It has both 2.4 and 5.0 but the SSID names are slightly different MOTO XX 16 AND MOTO XX 16 5G but have they the same password. Makes it easy for me :blush: