Out of Warranty hardware hacks

I have a couple of out of warranty yet fully workable V2 cameras, One I would like to mount on the inside of an outdoor ceiling mount compact fluorescent fixture, rated at 13W. Of course, I’d like to power directly from the bulb receptable, but not sure how to. I see many folks here that know way more about this than I do, so scouting for suggestions. Cool on Wyze in fostering all clever ways to use their products.

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If you still want to use the socket, this is one solution. You plug in your camera USB cable directly:

Socket USB

If not, this is what you need:

Socket Outlet

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Thanks for the info. The bulb is not an Edison base type, it’s specific to the compact fluorescent bulb referred to as a “DULUX S” base. That said, I suspect I’ll have to retrofit the 110V line in to a USB 5V out.