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Good afternoon everyone

So I had an old v3 that bricked on me a while back after changing wifi routers . It said offline and I was never able to get it set back up again so I kept it aside for a while .

I broke it apart and I’m not gonna lie I feel like I may have done some damage to it . I made sure the connector inside was well connected…

I was able to get it set up to my surprise and then i saw the live view … and well it’s out of focus.

Cleaning the lens doesn’t help. It’s actually not even that bad but I would like to have more clarity … any help here thanks

Looks like it is focussing on the wall to the left. try aiming it slightly to the right and see if it adjusts.


I just gave this same advice on Discord for the same reasons. :slight_smile:
At the very least it should be helpful at night so that the left wall doesn’t cause a white-out focus from the IR lights.

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Moved it to the right and it still doesn’t focus … ://

@IEatBeans @carverofchoice

When you were inside the cam is it possible that you rotated the lens a fraction of a mm in either direction?

The lens is screwed onto the cam base attached to the board. If you turn it either way, it changes the lens distance from the aperture. That is like turning the focus ring on a camera lens. I’m not sure if Wyze cams have any thread lock on those threads to keep it from being turned.

There are posts here in the forums of users who have replaced the stock lens with aftermarket telephoto or macro lenses. Those have to be manually turned to get the correct focal length.


I think I may have . I kinda didn’t go easy on it , I used a flat head screw driver to pry it open and went a little too hard on it.

I may have to use a more sleeker knife with less pressure , I also noticed that when I opened the camera up from the inside that after I placed it all back their seems to be a rattling noise coming from inside the device

Ouch! Brute Force Breaking And Entering!

Yes. You have some loose\broken parts in there.

There are step by step posts from those who have changed lenses with more … delicate instructions.

Will look for them…

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Chk this post.

Just do a search for Telephoto Lens. Narrow it by only searching Tips & Tricks.


Will check it out, thanks

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Curious if there is an update from Rulwiz.
I am however a little suspect of the advice by IEatBeans and carverofchoice. These cameras do not have any auto focus ability, they are fixed focus. Changing the aiming of the camera will have no effect.
But yes, the focus of the V2 and V3 cameras can be adjusted if you disassemble them. And yes it is a very fine adjustment. I have replaced lenses on several V2 and V3 cameras with good results. Having said that I wonder if Rulwiz may have warped/damaged the lens mount. He does not say if he specifically removed the glue on the lens or if he disassembled the entire lens mount block or not. With the small tolerances you would have to get everything back just right for it to be in optically alignment. Ask me how I know. :roll_eyes:

The camera still looks like it does in the pictures I posted . I agree the cameras already have a fixed focus so , I took the advice of the other users and it didn’t help .

The camera still looks like that , but it’s okay . I still get person notifications well. Just the focus it off but it’ll be fine . I’ll replace it soon , I just haven’t had the time

So you are saying you did a lens replacement and still have the focus problem?

No , I never did a lense replacement.

Well, if you feel confident and take it apart again, you can use a pick or needle to remove the glue that prohibits or at least makes it difficult to screw the lens in and out

That is the only way you can change the focus pick that hot glue off of the threads and it won’t take much turning either way, either in more or out more to bring it into good focus