Out door cm

My out door cam blue light is always solid, not recording and no notifications. all my settings are on

Did you turn on event recordings in settings? Since you say all settings are on what are they set at?

detects motion is ON
recording cooldown 5 min
back up to base station ON

Notifications ON
Motion events ON
low battery ON

Is the motion you are trying to capture in the PIR zone. Do you have the grid detection zone turned on and the area you want to detect cleared. The grid zone is darkened out by default and you have to tap it to clear the area you want to detect. Motion in the PIR zone wakes the camera to start recording and works with the grid detection zone. Settings for the PIR ZONE are close or far, sensitivity low or high?

pir far
sensitivity high

Does the cam show connected to the base with a good signal. Open app. tap the base it should show like this.

one camera has three bars other camera one bar

Which one doesn’t work or both?. The blue light is constantly on? Are you recording a live stream or scheduled recording to the cam SD card? The blue light should go off if the cam is in the rest mode and when it detects motion it will blink and turn blue on while recording. There is a short video in his post near the bottom.

Last one for me, beer to drink. Make sure you clear the area of this detection zone you want to detect in.

Both, solid blue
enjoy the beer, just poured a scotch

They are not supposed to be solid blue all the time unless you have it set so it is recording something. Now on to Jameson. May be back later, good luck