Our deaf puppy

Our puppy (14 years old) has gone deaf. She cannot hear us, although she does hears some sounds, like clapping and the spoon dinging in her food dish. I’ve noticed that she can hear me speaking to her through our pan cam. It seems that the frequency range at which the camera “speaks” is in the range she can hear. Does anyone know what range that might be?
I think I can write an iPhone program to translate my voice to something she could hear. I’d love to be able to have a conversation again.


I don’t know the frequency but maybe you could try a frequency generator app to see what she responds to.
This bothers you more that it bothers your dog. They are so much more resilient than we are. :blush:
She relies more on sight and smell than hearing. Hug, pet and keep talking to her anyway. She’ll know you’re there.


She gets attention. And love. Her sight is even worse than her hearing. She relies a lot on senses of smell and touch.
Good idea about the test.

Happiness is a warm puppy - G. Schultz


I had no doubt about that. :blush:

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I have two now, brothers, who just turned 14. Love and attention are all-important!

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I had two black labs for 14 years.
My current chocolate lab is now 6 years old.

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Mine have been almost 16, 18, 19 and now my two brothers. It’s bittersweet no??:broken_heart:


We just love dogs.

Ours is 15 and lost most of her hearing also but still sees a bit.

Trained her how to read our hand signals but yah we need to try that cam pan thing.

Thanks for that and good luck …I’ll be lurking this thread for sure l