Our cameras are at risk for being hacked, especially 1st gen

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NAT is NOT a security mechanism. NAT does not provide security. This is basic networking knowledge.

Having an insecure device on the network is an issue, period. Wyze allowed remote code execution on their devices for years. YEARS.

Leaving a serious remote code execution AND privacy bug in the product for two years is straight up negligence.

NOT patching an issue they knew about years before EOLing the product is also a crappy way to treat your customers.

Relying on hope and ignorance is not a security strategy. Screwing over your oldest customers is not a great product strategy either, but hey we all know Wyze’s business acumen is dubious at best.

There is no reason to trust a company that swept a serious security issue under the rug for years.

I’ve spent at least $500 on Wyze products, and I will never buy another one again or let them on my network.

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