Ouch cam, that hurt

One of the funnier captures we had although I was not laughing at the time.


I’ve got to give you props for posting that. :+1:

I have a couple of videos of me slipping on ice that I am not willing to post. :grin:


I see the family is appropriately sympathetic. :joy:


Yes, daughters are laughing, older son comes to my defense, and my youngest is just bouncing away on the pogo stick (no hands either). :man_facepalming: :laughing:


:rofl: I love the reactions. My favorite is how the younger daughter walks up, I think she’s about put her hand on your back to ask if you’re okay, but, no…she goes straight to her phone to make sure it’s okay, totally ignores dad, except to laugh at his pain and go wipe off her phone. LOL Typical teenager only cares about her social life-line.

At least the one responsible for the pain covers her mouth in semi-regret, and the older son is the only one who seems to empathize with dad’s pain (and attempts to avenge you too). Guess we know who loves dad the most…of course, he’s not a teenager yet…

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And possibly the only one that completely understands the injury. :slightly_smiling_face:


You started to wince before the ball even passed you.
I guess you were looking at a reflection in the glass?

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I heard a ball being hit so I was preparing for something coming my direction. I thought maybe a ball to the back of the head, I definitely did not anticipate being hit where I was. :face_with_head_bandage:

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