Other Languages/Symbols in the Wyze Watch

I’m from Georgia (republic of) and just received Wyze Watch 47. It’s perfect device but only thing I don’t like is that device can’t read Georgian symbols. It is very bad for me because I can’t read most notifications which are in my language (Georgian). :frowning:

How can I resolve this problem?

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Wyze watch 47 doesn’t show the Arabic text notifications correctly, the characters appear in opposite way, we need to upgrade the software to support arabic language.


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Yes they are just backwards and it’s very annoying I wish they can fix that!

my main language as many others Americans is Spanish…Please add it to the smart watch

Please let Wyze watch display other languages characters.

Please Consider this improvement, and I don’t think it is going to be a big deal to fix the issue.

Wyze Watch Add notifications foreign language support

e.g. Hebrew messages are printed left to right in a “mirror” phase.
its pretty basic functionality requirement in my opinion, unless your audience are English-only speaking people which was a good to know before purchasing.

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And many more languages like farsi arabic an etc.

This is an easy fix for a programer.
This should be high priority because it make customers with second language disappointed. Even in US most people know two languages and this is bad for wyze reputation.

On my new watch, Arabic messages just show up as little squares. I’d like to be able to read messages on my watch! Thanks!

Any plans on supporting other languages on wyze47 watch UI?

Can you add other UI language support? Like Chinese, Spanish, etc. Thanks.