OTA antenna remote adjustment

I live near a city with lots of over the air TV options. 90% come in perfectly till I want to watch the big game. That one channel has a transmitter that is a few degrees off from the other channels. The old fashioned way of addressing this issue is to have someone go into the attic, or on the roof and adjust it while I report to them as the signal gets better. If there was a way to remotely adjust the antenna it would be awesome.

Antenna rotators have been on the market for something like 100 years.


Is there a good one that is connected to wifi and uses an app I already have? I don’t need more remotes for my TV.

Yes it looks as if there is at least one, and it works with the existing browser app on your phone.

That may or may not be the same as:

Just based on an Internet search; I have no other knowledge of these.

It would be a fun project to make a smaller scale version for today’s smaller little leaf antennas (which in my limited experience are NOT as good as rabbit ears).