Order process and account

the problem - i login into my account and then shop and put something in my cart and then view the cart and then get 500 internal server error

this is happening with the masks. i imagine the servers are over loaded. but honestly they would be since everyone needs masks.

but this is an ongoing issue with the account/ordering process.
i ordered the band and WAS logged into my account - however the order never has shown up. same with all the other items i have ordered on the website - and i have plugs, cameras (four) and bulbs and the lock… only ONE order is showing under my account.

i order from another small business and they happen to also be in seattle and never have a single issue with my account or my orders being logged correctly in my account.

i am so frustrated. and i guess there will be no masks for me because i keep getting the 500 internal server error.

this is annoying and disappointing.

Hi @southern_gal. Wyze is currently dealing with server overload issues. It may be related to the problem you’re seeing.

Well its happened every time i have ordered products. i was finally able to order today but literally took 30 minutes … and even then it acted like i had not paid (paypal) and sent me back there but i cancelled as i got a notice from paypal that the paymnet had processed.

so after ordering over a dozen items (closer to two) i have only two orders in my history. annoying.

I got the email for masks from Wyze, clicked the link, and attempted to place an order. There were continuous server errors and I kept refreshing the page. Eventually the order went through, my credit card was charged, and after quite a while I got the order confirmation email.

I think, as a suggestion, Wyze should not sent out an email like this to all Wyze members at once, but rather stagger the emails to groups of members broken up across many hours or a day or two, so that everyone does not try to get on and order a high-demand product all at the same time overloading servers.

Other than that, Thank You Wyze for offering this to Wyze members.

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what makes you think this sale of paper masks is limited to wyze members ?

why do you think the server is going down? it’s being inundated by ppl creating accounts who come here just for the masks . possibly wyze thought this would be a good advertising opportunity, that after seeing how smooth the masks order went, they would buy some cameras.

The actual sale of masks may not be limited to Wyze members, but Wyze presumably sent an email to all Wyze members announcing it. This undoubtedly resulted in a crush of folks trying to order them immediately after the emails went out. Which overloaded the servers resulting in the Error 500 Internal Server Error messages.