Order on app with PayPal, cant find order on website to cancel!

I placed an order for the new garage opener with camera using the app. For payment I used PayPal. I then saw that it wont work with my garage door opener. So I can see the order in the app, but processing and there is no cancel button.

I followed the cancel instruction and open my account on wyze.com. After logging in, the order is not there to cancel! My PayPal email address is different. Is that why it’s not there? Why cant I find the order to cancel?? I have the order number. Where is it?

Welcome to the user-to-user forum, @chadhyatt !

Being fellow users, we have little insight into the details of their order mechanisms. However, you should be able to give Support a call and get it fixed:

As far as compatibility goes, did you try method #2 of the compatibility checker?