Order charged me twice with no confirmation?

Hey guys don’t know if anyone else has order the iHealth thermometer but when i placed my order i never received and order confirmation but my card was charged twice any ideas on what to do?(i used the support link but it did not offer any help)

Make sure it really charged you twice. It is quite common for online orders to essentially verify that the credit card number is valid at the time of order, and then actually charge the account when the order ships. The first one will appear to be a charge initially, but goes away. There may be a better description, but I’m not in the banking industry.

Hey guys thanks for feedback was not expecting anyone to reply so quickly . So both transactions show on my card as cleared so I shall wait and see for the products to arrive and I’ll update you guys on anything !

Did you ever receive a tracking number or have you received the thermometer yet? I’m having an issue right now… i ordered the thermometer, got a confirmation that they’re processing, but haven’t received anything after that. My card has been charged, but when i go to my account to check on the order, it says i don’t have any orders.

No confirmation no tracking. But my Apple Card shows the transactions when trough. I did buy another one trough the manufacturer that Wyze is working with and that one has arrived but the ones I originally order never got them and they never got back to me.