Orbi RBK750 with 2 Satellites dropping out after power loss

I’ve been having power outages in my area (Atlanta) for the past few days due to storms. After each outage, I climbed the ladder to reset my Orbi, waited for the satellites to connect, reloaded my backed up config file and waited for all my Wyze devices to reconnect. Sometimes it worked, mostly it didn’t…

What I have found (searching the interweb :slight_smile) was the following:

After power loss:
Go to orbilogin.com
Click on ADVANCED tab
Click on Setup +
Click on LAN Setup
Click on Ending IP Address (usually 254) change to 253
Click on APPLY

Everything came back up correctly (including a few plugs which had gone offline but I was to lazy to track down.
Hope this helps someone.

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