Option To Pause Charging Of WCO With Solar Panel

Many devices have the option to pause charging when they get to 80%, until a bit before you use it. This is because battery’s last longer when they are stored at 80% (I think it was 80, could be something else).

Anyway, with the Wyze solar panel the cam stays at 99-100% always, and I’m worried about battery health.

An option in the solar panels settings could pause charging when the battery reaches 80%.

Not entirely sure it’s possible hardware wise, but if so that would be great!

Update: I just tried turning off solar panel charging via the Accessories > Wyze Solar Panel > Installed > Powered by Solar Panel setting. It does not appear to stop the charging. All three of my WCO still show the lightning bolt icon next to the battety icon and charge level. Argh!

I agree. I find that my 3 Wyze solar panels keep my 3 outdoor cams charged at 100 percent most of the time. This can’t be good for their batteries.

I know there is a manual switch in the accessories settings to turn off charging from the panel, but this will require manual tracking of the battery charge level and a crystal ball (to know when the sun will be out) to know how low to allow the charge to drop before re-enabling solar panel charging.

It would be much better to have a set it and forget it option.

The charging panel should allow for parameters to be set so as to allow the normal charge/discharge cycles of the WCO batteries to extend the life of the camera. For example, don’t charge until the battery is at 20% but not above 95%.

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I’m not sure how I feel about not charging until 20% (what if you have a month of cloudy skies?) but the initial question of limiting the charge to 80% seems quite valid, and seems it could be done as an option in firmware.

That is not what that option does. The Solar Panel setting on an Outdoor camera is to keep the camera from waking up when power is applied. A solar panel connection can come and go many times a day (especially at sunset), so it is important that the camera not wake up each time.

It does not alter charging at all.