Option to ONLY RECORD Person Detection Events - not all motion events

I am requesting that the latest Beta firmware/app software released on 6/12 have the option added to Event Record ONLY Person Detection type of events instead of all motion events. This is to address the issue of giving the user the ability to manage the cool down period after an event is recorded. i.e. If my camera is busy nearly all day long recording the shadows of clouds moving on my driveway, it has the high potential of missing a person detection event due to the cool down period constantly resetting because the camera is also busy detecting and tracking all other types of motion events such as cloud shadows moving around. I know that there is currently an option to turn off All other motion events for notifications, but that ONLY applies to notifications not event recording. Can this option be added?

P.S. I have the motion sensitivity set to 1 and the detection zone defined for a very small area and non sense event recording such as moving cloud shadows still persists and has since the first day of having my first Wyze Cam 5 months ago.


I agree that Event Recording offer the option of “Person Only”. For certain camera views and locations, the priority may be to track people and not other triggers.


The determination that there is a person in the video is probably done by an AI program after the video has been uploaded to the cloud, rather than by the camera itself. I don’t know that for sure though.

Perhaps a “show people only” filter could be applied to the account as setting.

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From looking at the website, I think the XNOR.ai stuff is actually done on the device which is part of the “magic” of their offering.

Totally agree, this is a big concern of mine as well and one of the main benefits providing this person service should offer. I have to hope this is what wyze is planning once they’re past the beta phase, but it’s good to get this requirement out there now as well.

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As per XNOR’s website, they appear to be all about moving things out of the cloud or not putting things in the cloud and instead running their software/algorithms on devices. I can only speculate that this is how Wyze is using XNOR’s AI algorithm(s). The cost of using an external server as well as the bandwidth costs would be way too expensive for Wyze to maintain their prices. Thus, I would say that the AI is actually done on the device so it should be possible to provide more options on what events will be recorded.

Also, there already is a filter in the Events tab for if you want to see all types of recorded events or just Person Detection events. However, this does not address the issue of the cool down period getting constantly reset by other non sense/useless motion events in certain situations.


Good analysis of AI. Also, I think the “People Filtering” on the Events tab is in the Beta version of the App but not in the production version. I use it often and find it helpful.

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@WyzeGwendolyn can we get some comment from Wyze about this? :point_up:

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the AI was done locally after the video is recorded.
Currently only the motion videos were analyzed by AI for person, the smart video (by sensor) and scene video (by shortcut) are not analyzed by AI, i hope they will analyze all of them.

therefore, only recording person motion is very hard as you have to run AI ALL THE TIME.

To solve the cool down time (the only concern), just mount a motion sensor near the camera to capture all the motion videos.

I found everyday the person detection failed to identify a couple of videos where person is present.
So i’d rather they record all as it is easy to tag person only video.


Thanks for the suggestion of using a motion sensor to help solve the cool down problem. I wish that was feasible for my situation but it unfortunately is not as it would require a lot of them and I would rather not keep up with a bunch of battery operated sensors. Also, I am not sure that the AI actually runs for smart (sensor) videos because the sensor itself is doing all of the detection work. Right now I can only speculate but I believe that the AI is probably already running all the time with one exception. It has to scan every video looking for a person except for the smart (sensor) videos. I am just wanting them to add the option to record the person detected videos in the events tab without having to look at other motion types or have to filter them out. This would allow people like me and others to select the options that they want.

This may happen someday but I don’t think we’re at that point yet. When we have the feature out, please make a Wishlist request for this! :slight_smile:


It’s a great idea in theory, but I don’t think the application is something that can be done at this price point. At least not for awhile. I think technology still needs time to get there.

I have the same issue, and I’m just going to get a couple of SD cards for my cameras. I don’t think this solves the notification issue, but it can do constant recording so that an event wouldn’t be missed. Not the ideal way to address this, but I’d rather spend $20 additional for this than pay a subscription fee like some of the other camera companies out there for that kind of feature

Event detection is useless if you have a 5 minute cooldown, anything can happen within that 5 minutes, and I think this is a must have for the Wyze Cam,

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Yes, I agree, if something of interest happens during the cool down period we are all currently stuck potentially watching many hours of continuous recorded video (from the SD card) to find it. This is especially true if you do not have a reasonably narrowed down date and time of the event that occurred. There have already been complaints about this in different discussion threads for this reason. I just want to record person detection events not all the other motion events and would really like to have that OPTION for myself and all other users to choose from. This would at least minimize (but not stop) the cool down period from missing a person detected event all day long while the camera is busy recording things like tree/cloud shadows moving around.

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I agree with people only filter

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This is problematic for me as well, I cannot tell you how many deliveries I get where the alert is the vehicle pulling up into my drive way, but the delivery person dropping off the package is never shown / captured.

This exact thing happened to me. My camera was busy notifying me of clouds passing by or trees moving, and just about everything but a person coming up the driveway.

I have a camera system I got from Costco that is made by NightOwl. The motion sensors for each camera allow me to mask off areas that are not to be used for motion detection. That way, I can mask out those pesky clouds, dogs, etc. Wyze should consider that idea.

Isn’t there a zone definition option already there? However it’s a single area whereas it should allow multiple areas.

There is, but currently it is for just a single rectangle, there is a wishlist item to get more control over that. People should go vote for that if they havent.


The problem I’m experiencing is with the people detection and post motion event cooldown.

I have a cam in my garage. When the door opens a motion event is triggered–primarily by the transition to bright outside light coming in as the garage door opens. As a result of this the device never gets to person detection, because by the time the door opens, it’s done and in the cooldown period. It seems to me, that if “person detection” is turned on, then the cam should only trigger for that event and not for the generic motion event.

This needs to be a high priority fix, not a future wishlist item.