Operational questions with offline cams using SD cards

It’s my first time and I have some questions. Mounting the camera in the basement and it’s too far from the signal. There’s also no outlet.

I need to have clips longer than 12 seconds. I was robbed and I know a twelve second clip is just ish. It’s just not long enough. And I have to wait five minutes before recording a second clip? By the time the camera decides to record another clip, they’re long gone.

Why does the camera need five minutes to do anything? It’s digital.

How can I make this camera useful? Thanks much!

Welcome to the forums! If the WCO is to far from the signal of it’s base station, then nothing will happen. If you want cloud notifications and clips longer than 12 seconds, you’ll need to look into Camplus and somehow getting signal to that camera from the base station. The 5 min cooldown is a limiter for the free cloud storage added by design.

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