Operating cameras time-lapse on non-local networks

My understanding is that I cannot do time lapse operations with camera and “controller” on separate networks.
I may not be using the correct terminology so bear with me,
I’d like to set up cams around my properties to record time lapse on SD-Card, But the “internets” for them are separate providers.
I can access the cameras from separate networks.
Apparently in order to “Record” I have to do “live view”.
Is there any way around this so I could time lapse on “remote” cams on separate networks and download the results to one central android computer?

Here is the documentation on it from the support pages.


Not without complex networking such as setting up a tunnel between the two networks and natting to the same subnet.

You can record to the SD card (either continuous or motion event only) without using time lapse. You can set that up while on a remote network. You can also view the recordings from a remote network.

You can set up and initiate a time lapse from a remote network.

The only time you need to be on the same network is to download an already recorded time lapse.

How does one record to multiple cameras (and their individual SD cards) simultaneously and later download from the SD cards over different networks?

Once you enable SD card recording, it continues on the card independently without the app connected. Multiple cameras can all be recording to their cards at the same time.

In order to retrieve the video from the cards and save locally, you must play it back live and record it live in the app while playing it back. Unfortunately, this can only be one one camera at a time and only in real time.

The other option is to remove the card from the camera and transfer the videos from card to computer like you would any other file.

There is a #roadmap topic that you can vote for being able to directly download the files without removing the card. You can vote for it here: Direct access to SD card with download ability. Be sure the click the VOTE button at the top.

Three is also a #roadmap topic for being able to download time lapse video while on a non-local network here: Timelapse download on non- local network.