Only one event?

New to Wyze, installed new v2 yesterday, works great. I have a question regarding events, camera is in garage, when wife leaves, garage door opens, triggers event. I’m able to watch the clip but only one, why doesn’t it create a second event if auto has not left garage yet? I mean, there is still motion so wouldn’t it create a second event?
Thanks, Ken

Here is the section from the Support pages on Event Videos, and how they work.

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If motion last more than the 12 second clip why isn’t a 2nd event generated? I.e.- garage door opens, event starts & records for 12 seconds, but all I get to see is door opening not who is walking in.

You get a 12-second clip, then the camera goes into ‘cool down’ mode, where it has to wait 5 minutes before a new event can be generated. You can’t change either of those numbers. This is to keep the cloud where the clips are stored a free service, as it would get quickly overrun if every motion was saved to the cloud.

You can use the alert to either 1) watch the stream live, or 2) playback the time of that alert from the SD card.

If the motion continues, you will get a second alert in 5 minutes.