Only 5 sec. of recording though set to continuous

I’m trying to keep raccoons out of my pet door so I’m recording to my SD card on the continuous setting to see how they are getting in. However. I’m only getting the first five seconds of every minute. What setting do I have wrong?

This may sound like a dumb question, but are you sure you have it set to continuous - I am not fond of the Wyze color scheme and it can be opposite from what you think. Here is a screen capture for one of mine.

Also, how are you playing back the video?

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It is set correctly. I just found out that I had it set as write protected when I put it into the computer and KMPlayer would only play 5 seconds of it.

I take it that the write protect solved the problem. Seems a bit odd, but OK. Unfortunately the write protect slide switch on a lot of micro SD to full size SD card adapters can very easily be slid into the write protect position while plugging the adapter into a computer - done it myself many times.

Interesting… But a player shouldn’t need to write to the source location after 5 seconds of playback. That is a real issue. It should treat all media as read only and use its own directories for any processing. I’d suggest trying an alternate player even with the switch set.

Yes, strange reaction from the player but it fixed the problem.