Only 12 2nd videos, tech support gave up

V2 indoor 12v wifi unit. All videos are only 11-12 seconds long, otherwise it works great. Several techs gave up and told me to wait for a firmware update. Unfortunately the update came and went. If anyone from Wize wants to take a look I will be happy to provide the service ticket numbers. Logs were sent as well. Ty.

Couple of questions:

  • What is the firmware version you are using?
  • Do you have Cam Plus on the cameras?
  • What App version are you using

Support had me remove and re add my Cam plus. I will get you the firmware and app numbers. Thank you for taking an interest.

Firmware says up to date

Have you assigned your Cam Plus licenses? Account tab > Services > Cam Plus tab (at top) > either camera or select license. Also, the app has been updated, how is that working?

Not sure what the 12V reference is, the cameras work off 5V USB.

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