Online cloud service

I think it would be a great idea to provide a free online cloud service for video storage. Right now the way the cameras are set up, all a intruder or thief has to do is take the camera on their way out with all of your possessions and there will be no recording of the theft.

Wyze cams already come with 14 days of free cloud storage. They will record a 12 seconds video to the cloud every 5 minutes for each motion or sound detection. See the Support link, top right, for instructions on how to set it up and view the clips.

There is a #wishlist topic for a paid option to make the clips longer or the 5 minute time out period short. You can vote for that here: Paid Subscription For Cloud Storage


So what happens after the 14 days are up? Is there a paid option for cloud storage?

Also why is it that when the camera is disconnected from the internet and power source you cannot view any of the videos from the cloud service? Right now my camera has to be connected to wifi and a power source to be able to view any past videos. This shouldn’t be the case. If I dont have my camera I cannot view any videos and this is what I was trying g to say in my initial post.

I think you may be confusing recordings on an SD card with the Event Videos stored in the cloud. They are two different things. Here is the link go the Wyze Cam User’s Guide.

Wyze provides free cloud storage (always, no trial/expiration), but you are only able to see events that happened up to 14 days ago from whenever you view events, you can save them however.

There is no paid option for cloud storage currently.