One time my landlord didn't tell me he sent someone to paint the deck rails

I installed this one for mail purposes since at some point my mail would occasionally go missing and lets just say I was a little surprised…


Your “landlord” doesnt need to inform you of any maintenance/repair to HIS building… especially on the outside.

Wrong, depending on your state there are privacy laws for tenants. Some laws even require notices to be posted on every entry into the building weeks prior to the work being done. And in this day age a landlord that doesn’t do that isn’t very smart. Your property or not, the tenant could mistake someone for an intruder and someone could get hurt.


The landlord/property owner NEEDS A BETTER LEASE. I am able to enter the property at ANY TIME for an inspection or to perform maintenance. This extends to people I hire as well. Of course you dont just enter the property without doing a door knock to let them know something is being done. If I suspect the renters are making crack, I am not going to give them notice so they have time to hide the evidence.

Lease has nothing to do with it. Like I said it depends on what state you’re in. In mine it’s state law the landlord has to give 24 hour notice before entering unless it’s an emergency.