One Lamp socket in the group do not turn on/off with the others

I have three lamp socket installed, One of them is not sync with the others, Sometimes it do not turn on, sometime it do not turn off. I restart the v3 camera and the lamp power, it become work, but some days later, it do not sync with the other sockets again. My house is not a big house, the distance between each socket is less then 6 meters。 Have submitted a log #668586

I have the same issue. The 4 lamp sockets in a group worked when installed. Now I have only two working and the other 2 don’t even show up anymore. I tried restarting the camera and sockets and checked the power switch, all made no difference. The fact that the lamp socket group is now shown in the main menu and the info buried under the camera options is a pain. Would not recommend buying extra lamp sockets to control a lamp group.