One key alertness settings

Would love to have some smart keys on the main page for alert settings!

Maybe one for

I’m home (tones down the motion detection and alerts, but can be adjusted and saved to that key)

Bed time (bumps up the motion detection and alerts in user selected areas, windows and doors, etc, also can be adjusted and saved)

Away (puts all alerts and notifications on high sensitivity for maximum protection, also adjustable and saved to that particular key)

Would work amazingly well with a better and more precise motion detection map that a lot of people have mentioned and voted on!

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@james.mollick1, could you please explain further what “one key” and “smart keys” are? Are you referring to shortcuts or routines? It would really help the moderators figure out what to do with your request. :slight_smile:

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Most of what you described could be handled by shortcuts perhaps?

If not it certainly would make a great Wishlist entry!