One glaring issue with the app - Need groups, or global settings

I love the Wyze cams…they do almost everything I need at a very reasonable price. However, there is one major problem with the software. The app needs the capability to apply settings to all the cameras at once - specifically, I would like to enable/disable motion sensing on one screen, and have it apply to ALL the cameras (or all the cameras in a “group”). I understand that you can globally turn notifications on/off, but I think it’s still doing the motion sensing and uploading videos. Right now, if I want to disable motion sensing, I have to log into each of the three cameras separately and turn it off. This is way too time consuming. I previously had Piper cameras, and they are great (but too expensive). Their software was more of a “set once, apply everywhere” model, and that was great.

Is it possible to work on a capability to group cameras together and have them share a common setting, like motion detection? If you implemented that, this would be an absolutely perfect product that I would not hesitate to recommend.