One frame of a moving car?


I am wondering how to get more “frames” of a moving car in my event videos. Frequently I will get a far away look at a car in the video for less than a second. If you imagine my view as being a road from right to left, I will get an event, and watch the video and only get the tailights leaving the left side of the frame. What about all those other frames where the car traversed the remaining ground? How do I get those in the event?


With the Outdoor camera, you probably can’t. It doesn’t come on and start recording until it detects movement. With something moving quickly, such as a car, the camera won’t be on and ready to record until the car is already past.


Replace the outdoor cam with a V3 and put a uSD card set to continuous recording.
WildBill explained why the WCO works the way it does,