One continuous video of motion capture from multiple cams

Very kool intelligence and could very well be a patentable idea?

IDEA: When there are multiple cams and detects a singular motion that seem to enter in/out of various cams. Have a centrali func that creates a long single video from multiple cams of that motion.

USECASE Someone enters into view of cam1, then moves into view of cam2 but out of cam1. A video func that can detect that “singular” motion detection across multiple cams into a single video.

EXAMPLE Burglar enters into view of front door, then breaks in and enters view of kitchen cam, then den. Once motion is no longer detected, a func aggregates all of the videos of those motion captures into a single video.

thank you.

Not sure how Wyze would make this possible on their end but it sounds cool!!

Sounds like you need a film editor. With all the obviously non essential, out of work editors in Hollywood I’d start there. Might be quicker than going thru wyze. Let us know when your film comes out. Sounds like a real blockbuster.

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Like your idea. In the interim, check out InShot. It’s a video/photo editor that lets you string together multiple videos and edit them in amazing ways. I have it for IOS, don’t know about Android, but I’ve done several like you described, of a blue Heron raiding our fish pond.
**Edited- BTW-it makes for huge video files, tough to email, etc.

Hi all,

Thanks for chiming in! and good suggestions.

I guess one thing I need to emphasize is one won’t necessary have the time or energy to scrub/edit videos and would simply like a turnkey solution is what I was hoping.

I don’t think it would take much of an algo to figure out motion that is detected from one cam that is sequentially detected on another . I would think it would be a relatively easy task. Motion detection algo is already in the fw, The app which is online all the time to stitch them together into a long sequence. I actually do this by hand now, but thought it would be a simple task for Wyze to implement.

And/or make the app extensible so people could write plugins/apps to do this and purchase. This in turn would create an eco system within Wyze community in creating useful valuable and would pay for type functionality.

PS> I’m currently coding it via ffmpeg to string videos together but the pain currently is I need to manually download clips and with IFTTT integration killed, can’t do that in an automated fashion. I believe Wyze could go on to create platform in which would allow community involved functionality. I don’t think Wyze has the bandwidth or resources to do it. Its kinda like there is absolutely no way Apple could have created all the apps in the app store which is now grossing over $50Billion dollars a year!


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