One bug, one feature request. iOS v2.4.50

When I first go into the app, on the home screen, it shows me my two cameras. But it shows one is offline.

If I click on that camera, it connects to it just fine, but the home screen, even after I refresh it, shows that the camera is offline.

My other camera shows correctly on the home screen.

My one request would be that when you are noting the times of the events, please do one of the following:

  • Either allow the events to show the time in 24 hour format (no am/pm designation, but with the correct time in military time) or
  • On the times that are on the PM side, please remove the 0 from the beginning of the time. For example, right now it is showing 07:13pm for PM times. 7:13pm really isn’t 07:13. Yes, this is nit picking.

Hope that makes sense. I have the RTSP firmware running on both my Wyze cameras. Both WyzeCam v2 units.

Mike Strock

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