Once again I had to login to app to view video..

I was able to view alert vids earlier today but just now when I went to see what the new alert was about…I was logged out. Interesting since I didnt log out and this is only app that asks me to log back in. If I remember correctly this has happened before



Same issue here. I received an alert, went to look at it and have been logged out and can’t log it. Get error; internet connection seems to be offline. Double checked internet is working so not sure what’s going on.

Has happened once or twice but not frequently and not recently. I thought this issue was largely fixed with an app update not too long ago. Are you both on the most recent versions?

This is the first time I’ve experienced it and I think it was the WiFi I was using on my phone to view it. I was getting motion detection notifications but when I went to look it kept saying not online. (I was at a remote work location on visitors WiFi) left and went back to hotel and everything is working fine.

Sigh…my iPad stays logged in, its the iPhone that logs out every once in awhile. iPhone and iPad are 11.4 IOS