On/off feature android

I use an andriod app, in the last week or so I noticed and on/off feature to turn cameras off. But when I log in they are all set to be off. This is not something I’ve done, I turn them all back on then eventually they turn themselves back off. Is this a problem anyone else is having. It is extremely frustrating.

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Do you have a rule turn it off?

Maybe clean the screen.

No rules are set up at all.

Is the cam shared?

I ask, because the wife shared our barn cam with a family member and they accidentally tapped the Off button thinking they were selecting the cam (to view it).

One of the 5 cams are shared but it seems to happen to them all…just not consistently.

Are they all in a group? It is fairly easy to accidently hit the on/off button on the main page, if that’s what’s happening.

No groups set up either