Okay lets talk wyze lock and auto unlock

I can verify the auto unlock has worked for me. WyzeGwendolyn is now primarily watching the Facebook Core group and has turned over the reigns here in the forums to WyzeJasonJ, though WyzeGwendolyn does drop in here from time to time.

For support issues like this that aren’t being reported by lots of people experiencing the same thing, the best course of action is to contact support first:

Go through the required troubleshooting steps so they can confirm the issue or what is causing the issue. They should get it resolved for you. If it is determined the hardware is faulty, they should replace it under the warranty. One way or the other they will get it resolved for you. If they don’t, or you are still having issues, then copy the support ticket number here in the forums and someone can then get it escalated for you to have it looked into further up…they will review the support ticket, confirm you went through the needed troubleshooting, and handle it from there…most of the time support adequately handles things though.

I personally prefer to contact support by email because then it is convenient and at my leisure when to do as they ask and respond when I’m free. I’ve personally never not been taken care of really well by support. That is where I would start, and it’s the quickest way to fix this.