Ok, two points for Carver and the Cats

@carverofchoice Cat saves dog’s life story from Fox news.


I’ve seen several videos of cats being fearless against impossible odds. It’s usually in certain replicable circumstances. This was a good one: invader in their territory attacking one of their friends.

See? They said the cat was a stray. They started feeding and kindness and that karma saved their dog’s life. :slight_smile: maybe you’ll get some good karma for feeding and watering your visitors too. You just never know how many rats they’ve taken care of for you off screen. :wink:


I don’t feed the cats intentionally but they are the first to show up if I put anything out. Of course it is a close race now that is gets dark early since the :raccoon:(s) show up as soon as the sun goes down . The black cat with the white socks is quite smart though, as soon as I start my gas grill on the back deck I see it waiting in the back neighbors yard . I guess I should ask it medium rare or well done?. :cook: :cook: :rofl:


Also, why do me and the cats get 2 points?
Is it 2 points for me and 2 points for the cats?
Is it 2 points total? (one for me and one for the cats)?
Are me and the cats on the same team and our team just got 2 points?
Did we get 1 point per coyote?

Just trying to figure out how the scoring works here…it might come in handy in a future court appearance with @AnnWithAPlan


2 points for the cat only (1 Point per coyote), you’re just the manager and don’t get :poop: :rofl:


That was not one of the options I gave you to choose from :sob: