OG Outdoor

Can the new OG camera be plugged in to an outside outlet? Listed in the box, is an indoor plug adapter. If this camera is being promoted as something you can use outdoors, why does it not come with an outdoor plug adapter?

The outdoor power adapter is coming soon. However you can plug the adapter to anyplace that is weather protected - including the weather resistant outlet covers (now required by the National electrical Code). I have had one of my V2 cameras with the standard adapter plugged into an AC outlet with an NEC approved cover for about four years. Other than having to clean the dead bugs out of the cover once in a while, it works fine.

The OG Cam comes with a Female microUSB pigtail identical to the one on the V3.

Like the V3, used with the rubber weather boot, it can be powered by the old Outdoor Power Adapter that is currently available and being sold,

The new Outdoor Power Adapter V2 that is awaiting release will be compatible with the V3Pro and presumably the PanV3, both of which have proprietary sealing plug seats.